Mar 6, 2017

Ice Skating Fun!

In Kindergarten and 1st Grade, we are finishing up units on snow and winter. We read "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats and participated in a lot of activities to go with the book. We acted out the story, we added instruments for sound effects, and we played a song on resonator bells to go with the story! We are concluding our winter unit with a little ice skating! There are a ton of old records in the storage closet, and they happen to make great ice skates! Students slide around the room to slow, flowing music and pretend they are ice skating. This activity addresses body awareness as well as moving and responding to music. We had so much fun!

Karaoke Parties!

In music class, we have a classroom reward system where students can earn Karaoke parties. Each class moves its popsicle stick forward one key on the piano for good classroom behavior. 
The students really enjoy the chance to sing fun songs for their peers! As their teacher, I always enjoy seeing which students have the confidence to get up and sing for their friends, which takes a lot of guts! I can always tell the future singers and choir members we have here at MBES 🙂 

Aug 26, 2016

New School Year & Instrument Fun!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We have been in school for 3 weeks and are already having so much fun in music class! The first few classes of the year can sometimes get bogged down with rules and procedures, so we decided to add some instruments and make things more interesting! I set each of our classroom expectations to a four beat rhythm pattern, and 2nd-5th graders have been notating, clapping, and practicing the rhythms for the last couple of music classes. Once we mastered the rhythms, we were ready to play them on instruments! We combined the patterns in different ways to create a cool percussion song! This was a great rhythm review for the students and practice keeping a steady beat as an ensemble. Here are some photos of our students playing each of the 6 rules on classroom instruments: 
4th Graders play "Quiet line facing forward" on sandblocks. 

2nd graders play "Kind words" on cabasas. 

4th graders play "Hands and feet to yourself" on our awesome new drums!!

2nd graders play "Show your best effort" on woodblocks. 

4th graders play "Take care of materials" on guiros. 

2nd graders play "Stop, look, and listen" on triangles. 

A 2nd grade class works together to combine rhythm patterns and play a percussion song!

Sep 8, 2015

2015-2016 School Year Beginnings

We are off to a great start in the 2015-2016 school year! Here are a few things students are working on in the music room!

*MBES 4th & 5th Grade Chorus registration is due this Friday, Sept. 11. An extra copy of the registration form can be found under the "Chorus" tab.

Mrs. Duncan's class plays the steady beat with egg shakers.
Mrs. Watkins's class makes a rainstorm with percussion instruments.
Students in Mrs. Warren's class play the rhythms of our classroom expectations on instruments. 

5th graders  begin working on their Boomwhacker composition projects.
Creating rhythm patterns is the first step!

Mar 25, 2015

Honors Chorus

We had our first annual Oconee County Schools Honors Chorus last weekend (March 21, 2015), and it was a great success! 25 fourth and fifth graders were selected from each elementary school, and they put in a lot of rehearsal hours to prepare the music. Our clinician was Mrs. Carol Reeves, director of the Georgia Children's Chorus. She rehearsed 6 pieces of music with our students, and they presented a wonderful concert that afternoon at the NOHS auditorium. We're so proud of these singers and their beautiful performance! Here are some photos from our rehearsals at MBES:

Orff Fun in Fourth Grade!

 Last year, our PTO purchased some new Orff instruments for the music room, and we have really enjoyed playing with them! Here, fourth graders work in groups to play different melodies on the Orff instruments. This helps them practice correct mallet technique as well as their music reading skills. We put all these melodies together to create an Orff class performance. The students have a great time with these instruments!

Alto Glockenspiels
Soprano Glockenspiels

Chime Bars
Bass Xylophones
Alto Xylphones

Rhythm Centers

Our fifth graders have enjoyed playing rhythm games in music this year! Centers are a great way for students to practice rhythm reading while having fun playing a game! The best kind of learning is when students don't even realize they are learning! :) 
Connect Four - rhythm version!

Rhythm Fly Swat

Boomwhacker Rhythms