Sep 20, 2013

Welcome to Music!

Welcome to Music at Malcom Bridge Elementary!

The 2013-2014 school year has gotten off to a great start! Our MBES musicians are learning so much and having a great time in music class. I wanted to give everyone a peek into our music classroom so you can see all the fun things we get to play with! Here are some pictures of our music room at MBES:

Welcome to the music room!
For good behavior, classes can move their notes up on the music staff.
When their class's note reaches the top line, they earn a karaoke party!
Our music standards are displayed in a bowl of ice cream :)
Students will also learn about different music composers each month.
Boomwhackers are so much fun to play with!
We have an awesome collection of instruments! Students have already enjoyed
playing lots of different types of instruments in music class.
Music is a universal language!
Thanks for visiting our music room!