Dec 13, 2013

Second Grade: Music Terms

Our second graders have been learning the definitions of different musical terms. First, we learned about all the dynamic levels used in music (loudness and softness) by creating a rainstorm with classroom percussion instruments. We did several movement activities to experience other musical concepts like legato (smooth and connected notes), staccato (short and separated notes), crescendo (gradually getting louder), and decrescendo (gradually getting softer). We also learned the musical symbols for these terms and how to identify them in a piece of music. Then, we reviewed all of these concepts/terms with centers. Students are split into groups, and each center has a different activity that focuses on the concepts we learned. Here are some students hard at work (and having fun!) at centers:
Playing different dynamic levels on classroom instruments

Excited about matching musical terms!

I think it's a match!

Simon Says Symbols on the SMART Board

More instrument dynamics