May 11, 2014

Weather is Full of the Nicest Sounds

Our 2nd and 3rd graders have created sound poems! In this activity, we used our reading, language arts, and art skills - not just music! (Credit to the creator of this lesson: Ashley Queen, who has a great blog for music educators!) First, we read the poem "Weather is Full of the Nicest Sounds" by Aileen Fisher, and watched this YouTube video for inspiration. Next, each student was assigned a verb from the poem, and he/she had to draw a picture of that word, using its sound for inspiration. After we assigned an instrument sound to each word, our 2nd and 3rd grade classes performed their sound poems. I recorded them, and used the app Aurasma to make a display in the hallway where you can see each performance come to life! What a fun way to use different disciplines and incorporate technology into music!