Aug 26, 2016

New School Year & Instrument Fun!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We have been in school for 3 weeks and are already having so much fun in music class! The first few classes of the year can sometimes get bogged down with rules and procedures, so we decided to add some instruments and make things more interesting! I set each of our classroom expectations to a four beat rhythm pattern, and 2nd-5th graders have been notating, clapping, and practicing the rhythms for the last couple of music classes. Once we mastered the rhythms, we were ready to play them on instruments! We combined the patterns in different ways to create a cool percussion song! This was a great rhythm review for the students and practice keeping a steady beat as an ensemble. Here are some photos of our students playing each of the 6 rules on classroom instruments: 
4th Graders play "Quiet line facing forward" on sandblocks. 

2nd graders play "Kind words" on cabasas. 

4th graders play "Hands and feet to yourself" on our awesome new drums!!

2nd graders play "Show your best effort" on woodblocks. 

4th graders play "Take care of materials" on guiros. 

2nd graders play "Stop, look, and listen" on triangles. 

A 2nd grade class works together to combine rhythm patterns and play a percussion song!